Our philosophy is to offer toys, decor, and baby products that promote children's creativity, imagination, and learning in a playful way. By providing toys that don't limit children's thinking and play, we encourage them to create their own stories and worlds. By integrating educational elements into our products, children can explore and develop their knowledge while having fun. We always strive to offer toys that promote children's language development, fine motor skills, problem-solving, and social interactions, while also being a beautiful decoration in the home.

We want to offer products that are made from sustainable materials and are long-lasting. By prioritizing quality and sustainability, we help to reduce environmental impact and promote more sustainable consumption. We have been working with most of our suppliers for many years. They have signed our Code of Conduct and most of them are certified according to Amfori (BSCI) or SMETA. Here you can read more about these certifications and why they are so important to us.





It is also important for us to engage in social projects. On a recurring basis, we donate products to projects that are important to us, for example, over the years we have been a recurring partner of the Swedish TV-show Sofias Änglar, where families in need get help. We have also had an active collaboration with the city of Landskrona for many years, which means that on a recurring basis we create meaningful activities within our business for people who participate in daily activities and have challenges with engaging in a full-time job. This is an enriching collaboration that has been going on for many years. We simply want to be a positive force, not only for the children who use our products, but also for the society we operate in.