At Jabadabado we make toys from FSC™ certified wood (FSC™C194598) wood. Our goal is for as many items as possible to be FSC-certified and we are continuously expanding the range. But what exactly is FSC and why do we think it is so important?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, which is an international member organization that works to ensure that the world's forests are managed in a responsible and sustainable manner. The rules for trading in FSC-certified wood are very strict and we undergo an annual audit to ensure that we meet all the requirements for selling FSC-certified products.

These are 3 simple reasons why we think FSC-certified wood is so important:

- Sustainable forestry: By using FSC-certified wood, we ensure that the wood in our toys comes from forests that are managed in a way that preserves the ecosystem, respects human rights and benefits local communities. Good for children and our planet.

- Environmental concerns: Sustainable forestry contributes to reducing deforestation and preserving biodiversity. Choosing FSC-certified wood reduces the risk of illegally harvested wood and contributes to the preservation of the forest environment.

- Ethical and social responsibility: FSC certification means not only sustainable forest management but also respect for human rights and the well-being of local communities. This includes fair working conditions for those involved in forestry.


In summary, the use of FSC-certified wood in our toys can be seen as a step towards reducing negative environmental and social impacts, while meeting the increasing need for sustainable and responsible product choices. At Jabadabado, we believe this is both good and important!

If you want to buy FSC-certified products, look for products in our range labeled with the FSC™ logo.