Questions for private individuals.


  • Q:Do you sell directly to consumers?
  • A: We only sell to retailers, so please contact us on info@jabadabado.com and we will help you to get in touch with closest retailer.


  • Q: How do I advertise a broken product?
  •  A: Please contact the store where you have bought the product. If the store should have been closed down you can contact us.


Questions for retailers.


  • Q:  How do I become a Retailer?
  • A:  You can apply to become a retailer  at www.jabadabado.com.  Choose Sign Up and fill in all your information about your company.  We will  process  the application as soon as we can.


  • Q:  What is your minimum order?
  • A: Our minimum order is 250€. Shipping costs will be added.


  • Q: When can i expect my order?
  • A: We usually send your order within one week. During peak season the delivery time might be a bit longer. 


  • Q: Can i cancel my order? 
  • A: Yes,if your order has not yet been packed yet you can contact us  at info@jabadabado.com  or give us a call on +46-418-23470 and we will cancel it for you.


  • Q: Can i add an article  to my order?
  • A: Yes, as long as your order has not yet been shipped then we can adjust it for you.


  • Q: Can I split the pack on my order? 
  • A: It might be possible. It depends on the product . Contact us for further information.


  • Q: Can i use my own freight company?
  • A: Yes,of course, just let us know before we send your order.


  • Q: How do I advertise a broken product?
  • A: Send us a picture of the broken item to info@jabadabado.se and we will send you a new item. If the items is discontinued you will get a credit note instead.